adviser ad‧vis‧er [ədˈvaɪzə ǁ -ər] also advisor noun [countable]
JOBS an expert who gives information to someone so that they are able to make a good decision
ˌindependent fiˌnancial adˈviser abbreviation IFA FINANCE
in Britain, someone whose job is selling investment products like pension S and life insurance from different companies, rather than someone selling the investment products of one company. However, some financial services companies have IFAs who sell their own company's products as well as those of other companies:

• An independent financial adviser can pick a pension plan to suit you from a wide range.

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adviser UK US (also advisor) /ədˈvaɪzər/ noun [C]
someone whose job is to give advice about something, for example, to a company or government: adviser to sb/sth »

He has remained active in politics and is now a top adviser to the government.

economic/financial adviser »

He served as international economic adviser in the White House.

mortgage/financial/policy etc. adviser »

A mortgage adviser will be able to look at rates for you.

See also INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISER(Cf. ↑independent financial adviser)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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